Anastasia Blackwell

Los Angeles, California u.s.A.

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Actress, producer, and author of novel/ screenplay, 'The House on Black Lake', a gothic thriller set in an enclave of summer homes for the power elite of Montreal. And, soon to be completed, 'The Chamber of Curisities',that tells the tale of how a beautiful young trapeze artitst breaks into the cage of a charismatic carnival "freak" and seduces him into an act of faith that sets the stage for revolution in the seaport where they are kept captive.

My cinematic book/screenplay/music video trailers have been noted for "firsts" in the field of promotional videos for books and screenplays.

I've won prominant awards as a theater actress, voice-over artist, and for commercial campaigns co-produced for CBS affiliatate

I was born in a small coastal town and grew up and in Portland Oregon. Post graduation I spenr many years exploring the San Francisco creative arts scene, Recently, Treolocated to L.A, where I am currently involved in producing a play incorporating elements of film, and have film, television, voice-over and screenwriting projects in development.

WAM JAMS! - Writers, Artists, Actors, and Musicians collaborate to form new works of art, is a group I created in SF. Its success has led to plans to create a similar concept that will bring together screenwriters and actors to perform staged readings at local LA venues.

I'm also proud to be the mother of two amazing sons.

Feel free to contact me if you have interest in collaboration.

Anastasia Blackwell,

  • Education
    • B.S. University of Oregon, MFA Candidate in Theater Arts, Groundlings