Anastasia Emmanuel

Anastasia Emmanuel

Anastasia Emmanuel is a freelance online presenter, project manager, tech guru, super foodie, people enthusiast and general menace...

Ok enough of talking about myself in the third person!

All you need to know about me is that I have mad skills at smiling, i'm a bit of a social media whore, I spend my life on camera trying to hide my double chin, and I live to eat, cook and feed people. (I am asian after all!)

I probably shouldn't be allowed on camera as I can sometimes be entirely inappropriate but It seems to work for me and I love it!

Always up for saying high five to new people and engaging in harmless debacuhery, so come say hi - I'm a friendly, excitable badger!

For freelance work, drop me an email at or connect with one of my million social networks - excited to hear from you!