Anastasia Laski

I picked up my first camera by accident in 1993. The music appreciation class was full and I needed my art requirement.

In no time I was obsessed and finally knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I immediately worked my way up to the top in two different photography companies while traveling the United States and got board.

Before I was able to reinvent myself as a photographer I was in a major car accident. During that time I learned the incredible power the body has to heal, how to overcome adversity, how precious life is, how close death is, how pivotal focus is and the importance of community.

Since that accident 17 years ago I have been in two other freak accidents which combined with all my travels (I have been to five continents so far) and spiritual connection has brought me to believe we are ALL important and here to do great work.

I now understand that my work is only what I want to make it. In 2000, I put my camera down because of physical challenges but now I am back on my feet and driven to help people see their beauty, to fall in love with themselves and to see the important part they play in their community and the world. The camera is my tool.

Portraiture has the ability to show people if their life is on track and to connect them to their community. I specialize in Business Portraits - Marketing Head Shots. My focus is always on the eyes. It is through the eyes that we experience life. Through the eyes we connect to others and to ourselves. Are we being true? By being true we find fulfillment and we make a difference not only to ourselves and the people we love but to the world too.