Anastasia Marchand


Born and raised in small town Southern Ontario, youngest daughter with 4 older brothers.

Planted roots in Vancouver working the Commercial Film Industry for 18 years. Now it's time to

explore more of the world and things that make me smile. Thoroughly love diving, don't do it

enough. Love LOVE learning and talking about the ISS and the CSA and NASA ( ask me more about it)

AND Commander Hadfield, not to mention all things space related.

Always there to lend a hand, a shoulder to lean on and a smiling face when you need it. Happy to learn as much as I can from you and in turn sharing what I know with others. An open mind is the most important quality, that and respect of course. We're dead for a long time. Enjoy and be kind now.

  • Work
    • Real Estate by day...Stars by Night
  • Education
    • Never enough...constantly learning