May Anastasia

Düsseldorf, Germany

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Anastasia May was born in 1985 in the Russian city of St. Petersburg. As a child, she visited many interesting towns and villages of Russia. The Atlantic Ocean, Siberian expanses and Far Eastern landscapes, which she traveled through as a child with her parents, have made a strong impression on her. Old fairy tales and legends, customs and fascinating stories of the local people have awakened a longing for magic in her soul. She was fascinated by the picture books and began to paint her first illustrations of fairy tales already at the age of 6.

Her parents strongly supported and encouraged her artistic development. She took art classes, attended a ballet school and sang in the famous St. Petersburg television broadcasting choir.

In 2002, she emigrated with her parents to Czech Republic and finished her school in Prague. At age of 16, she began exhibiting her images in Czech galleries. The fabulous city of Prague helped to streghten her decision to devote much in the graphical area. She developed her own visual language with which she could bring her fairy tale worlds closer to the viewers.

In 2008, she began studying graphical art and design with a focus on illustration in Krefeld. She developed several book projects, dealt with various printing techniques and photography. The artistic trips to Spain, Mexico, France and Greece gave her a new impetus and spurred her imagination. During her studies she participated in various exhibitions in Germany and Czech Republic.

Her paintings shine in bright colors, her characters seem to come from different worlds and reflect ancient wisdom of different cultures . Anastasia’s longing for the lightness of being can be felt in all of her works and they invite the viewers to immerse themselves into the magical world of her imagination. Her paintings are filled with harmony, joy and they touch our hearts in a unique way.

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