Anastasia Moumtzaki

journalist and Producer in Athens, Greece

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I am a Video Producer and Researcher, working for the Athens based company Production House.

I am also a PhD candidate at the Durham University in UK, doing interdisciplinary research on Media, Philosophy and Language, focusing on the way Greek financial crisis was covered in the News since 2010, mostly from a cognitive perspective.

I have been the Video Production Manager in VICE Greece from 2014 to 2018 and a Senior producer and host of long-form documentaries for the show VICE Specials, on ANT1. I have been the creator of "Sounds Greek" on VICE, a show about Greek "underground" music, among others.

I have been the PA/Producer for the BBC Athens Foreign Correspondent, Mark Lowen, from 2012 to 2014, and a freelance producer for the BBC and other international media (AP and The New York Times among them). I have been covering the Greek Crisis since Day 1.

I have worked as the Chief Researcher for WarZone documentaries show on MEGA TV, from 2005 to 2010. For the needs of the production I have travelled in USA, South Africa, Liberia, Bosnia& Herzegovina and Italy (where I produced an exclusive interview with the former mafioso chief, Gaetano Grado).

I have contributed video or editorial pieces for :

The New Files/SKAI TV, Epsilon/Eleftherotipia, K/Kathimerini,
Foreign desk of "Makedonia" newspaper (Thessaloniki).

I speak fluently English, French, Italian and some German.

I have a Masters Degree on International Relations from the Sorbonne - Paris 1 University, specialising on the Extreme Right and the European Integration efforts until 2005.

I am curious and obsessed with objectivity (even if impossible).

You can contact me at:

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    • Paris-Sorbonne University FRANCE
    • Durham University UK