Anastasia Moumtzaki

journalist and Producer in Athens, Greece

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I am a News Producer and Researcher, based in Athens at the moment.

I have been the Production Manager at VICE Greece - currently holding the title of Senior Producer in the same company.

I have been the Assistant to the BBC Athens Foreign Correspondent, Mark Lowen, for two years (2012-2014) and a freelance producer for the BBC and other international media for more than 5 years.

I am an expert on video production, new media and politics.

I have been covering the Greek Financial Crisis since Day 1 and have produced a lot of documentaries on social, political and economic subjects, locally and internationally.

I have worked for :

VICE, BBC, War Zone Documentaries MEGA TV, The New Files SKAI TV, Associated Press, UNESCO, Epsilon Eleftherotipia magazine, K Kathimerini magazine, LIFO magazine, NITRO magazine,, International desk of "Makedonia" newspaper (in Thessaloniki) and more.

I have been the producer of news features in :

Greece, Afghanistan, D.R. Congo, North Korea, USA, Nepal, Philippines, Western Sahara - Algeria, Romania, France, Brazil, Transnistria and more.

I have worked as a field producer of news features in :

Liberia, South Africa, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Albania, Italy, USA and more.

I speak fluently English, French, Italian and some German. Oh, and Greek (mother tongue).

I have a Masters Degree on International Relations from the Sorbonne - Paris 1 University, with an expertise on European Integration policies and the Extreme Right political parties, in Greece and Europe.

I love world news and I stay curious.

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