Anna Pogova

I am writing a history under a different nickname, because I write it in terms of lyricism and romanticism, write the language of emotion (the language of the facts it has already been described earlier). We all ended badly. I lost a lot and nearly lost her life. And it all began, like many ... Who knows me, do not be surprised inconsistencies, I write something that was before the recognition of truth, then compare with the reality of it will be interesting. Sorry, there can be errors and omissions do not want to re-read the writing ... 1st series of "Fairy Tale"Pharaohs Country beckoned to him with terrible force. I was not a poor experience, broke up the marriage, romance, financial independence, several trips to the West. East bewitched, called commercials, there were temples, pyramids, there was a warm Red Sea. I wanted to see everything you can in 10 days tour. In April. A few hours in the air and from cold Russia women still get in the summer.A good hotel in Hurghada greeted with smiles and a sense of security. Seated were bought things to do in Cairo, Luxor, on the coral island. I came alone, but I'm a pin and quickly found someone to talk from the same holiday, there were two pleasant couples a little younger than me. The time was great, I looked old, Nakupavshis, nazagoralas, disco was on site, the system "all inclusive" fully justified, before leaving for 4 days and remained apart from the sea I have nothing planned. Egyptians, I almost did not notice at the hotel and in all that time never got out into the city just did not have neither the time nor the need, it was all on site.And here my friends talk about the rest of the walk to the shops and, as a few gifts were not purchased, I decide to buy them in town. What a mistake ...From the hotel, I went during the day, when the bulk of tourists sitting in the room, and most of the local shops in the lonely dozing, waiting for the evening rush of tourists.Seeing a woman slowly going, staring at the sides, the street came to life. I will not talk about burning out the different voices complement, the repulsion of each other, in order to run up quickly, the attempt to grab the hand (I'm wearing in this case was in a long skirt and blouse with short sleeves, no cuts, cleavage, I do not even paint the, for promenade was calculated only for the purchase of gift), the supply of tea, coffee, meet in the evening ... I decided to take time