Anastasia Santasheva

Greater Toronto Area

An aspiring Systems Design Engineer at the University of Waterloo, Anastasia loves taking on projects that challenge her to think unconventionally. She likes working at the intersection of technology and design, and has worked with 500px, Vidyard, Blackberry, Nspire and TEDxRichmondHill. Anastasia has been recognized as a BlackBerry Scholar, a global four-year scholarship program for outstanding women entering their first year of undergraduate studies.

Her skills and experience in research, design, product development, content development, public speaking and leadership have resulted in unique experiences and recognition. She consistently strives to see the big picture of a problem, allowing her to create with innovative solutions. Her ability to connect, lead, and interact with others allows her to thrive in high-pressure, detail-oriented, and team-based circumstances.

  • Education
    • International Baccalaureate Graduate from Bayview Secondary School
    • Systems Design Engineering at University of Waterloo