I am a mother, wife a dog owner and a Certified English Language Tester.

As much as my family and work provided me with great joy so they do my hobbies: knitting, crochet and doodling.

I am grateful to my grandma and my aunts that taught me to the love hand-made things, at first place - the feel of yarn sliding through my fingers.

I am grateful to my mum, too, who has always loved things I created and has been brave enough to wear them.

I am also grateful to my Dad that he passed on me the belief that one has to keep one’s hands always busy, and mind occupied.

And to be fair, I am grateful to my husband that has so much understanding for a voluminous stash of yarn and innumerable copic markers, ink pens and pencils (leave alone sketch books!) all around our place.

Being equipped with two uneasy hands and tons of ideas waiting to be turn into a visible and touchable “something”, what else I could do, but all three: knitting, crocheting and doodling!