Anastasios Pappas MD

About Anastasios Pappas MD - Dr. Pappas and his wife have established a Scholarship in memory of his uncle Chris Karnezis MD at the Sanfrod School of Medicine. It favors South Dakota and Minnesota Applicants and those, if any , with a Greek heritage. This is an annual scholarship of $2000 for each of the 4 years totaling $8000. Dr. Pappas and his wife have committed $5000 to the Furniture Mission of Sioux Falls, SD. in 2011. A charity close to them. This offers the community a much needed service and represents the 3rd annual contribution of this amount over the years. We ae privileged to have have worked and supported many organizatons in our local community includng the Osceola Food Shelf, St George GreekOrthodox Church, Allina Cambridge Foundation and many others.