Anastasiy Safari

I'm fine Artist, working with pencil, oils and watercolors, but preferring digital paint; Photographer, doing large framed prints and exposing them over the world (recently in Cleveland, Ohio, USA), I also won several Honorable Mentions on International Photography Award in Los Angeles; Designer, working in print, web, UI, industrial design areas and illustration. I'm included in top100 industrial designers of Russia and one of the flash Facebook games I designed counted more than 500,000 gamers; Interactive Developer, working in C++, Objective C, Pascal, ActionScript, Javascript, Java, PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML5. I'm also a Traveller been and lived in many great countries of the world, like India, China, Armenia, Russia, Ecuador, Colombia and USA (this is a growing list).

For the past 15 years I was working in companies as 3d animator, flash designer, web designer, industrial designer and art director, leading a team in a big manufacturer of electronics and consumer goods. Now I work as a freelancer and making my own projects which include a graphical software for Hollywood and big studios such as Disney and Marvel.

My main projects are:

Anastasiy Safari Photography

Photoshop Color Wheel, Color Mixer and Font manager for artists

Paintplan Design Studio