Anastasya Almeira

Jakarta, ID

Since the last time I checked my gender, it said that I am a girl so yeah. Hahaha. I am a 10 years old little girl who trapped in a body of 18 years old girl. I am physically old and mentally like a little kid. I was born to make people around me embarrassed with what I do. Yeah- if you wanna meet me, you have to be ready to get stared by people cause my randomness and my loud voice, heu. I don't really have friends. It doesn't mean I don't have okay. I do have. They are... already getting used with what I always do so yeah, if you wanna be my friend, that's something you should learn about me. I am not a shoppaholic, I mostly use my money to buy something to eat cause foods are lovely yeay. Do I need to tell you everything? Kay. I have a parents ( of course duh ) and a brother and younger sister which are I don't really like cause they are sometimes annoying. I am a type of girl who always stay happy no matter what happen, so don't ever try to ask me whether I have problems or not cause I might look like I don't yet I HAVE A LOT OF PROBLEMS even the problems you've never imagined babe ;) Don't try to ask me whether I am sad or not cause I only tell it to people I think special enough to know my REAL condition ;) I am the type of person who is easy going ( i guess ) and too loyal. YEAH I HATE THE FACT THAT I AM A LOYAL PERSON. I don't forget people easily, I even still remember every single person I've ever known or I've ever met. AND- I am the creepiest stalker ever. Just beware. HAHAHAHA. What else I need to tell? Oh- my height is 158cm ( I GUESS. ) and my weight is around 40-42kg and it won't change much cause IDK WHAT HAPPENED WITH MY BODY SIGHS. I love to wear oversized tee and shirt and everything except pants. My pants' size is around 26 ( and 36 for eur size ) and my shoes size is 37 ( depends tho. It's 38 for sneakers ) and I often wearing my mom's or my sis' shirt ( EVEN MY BRO CAUSE OVERSIZED YEHET <3 ) and what else I need to say? Oh follow me on twitter and add me on facebook and path and don't forget about my instagram cause photos <333 AND I LOVE YOU. XOXO

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