Anastazia Halatsis

Las Vegas Nv

I clear my mind and I start to paint the end product is composed of that which I have felt in the process. I feel like a mad woman my mind is far beyond what we consider to be reality. Feeling as if I am in a different stage of consciousness the paint, the colors, the strokes, the shapes, every little detail helps me to bring this state to life in order to share. Through understanding myself in an abstract manner I have learned more then I ever could have known. Each painting is like a journey into my subconscious and with every peice I finish I am in awe. I aspire to get somewhere with this for there are meanings and feelings within it that I know can and will inspire others to dive into a deeper part of their very own selves. My house is practically an art gallery with the help of the people my art inspires I hope to one day make something big out of this and have an art gallery outside of my home.

  • Work
    • Scooping Ice Cream and Painting
  • Education
    • Highschool Diploma