Anastazio Kotsopoulos

Havriou 8,Athens-Greece

Anastazio Kotsopoulos’s passion for jewelry came effortlessly. At the age of 19, he started studying the art of stone setting next to his brother Agis Kotsopoulos.The two worked together for many years and studied next to the best Greek Goldsmiths while learning in theory and in practice the construction of handmade jewelry. This knowledge became inspirational for Anastazio who wanted to create his own jewelry brand.

With hardly any budget, he managed to create 8 high jewelry pieces in total and he decided to try and promote them to jewelry shops at the Greek islands. His efforts didn’t go unnoticed and a year ago he founded his own brand Anastazio and developed his first collection "All time classic".

The world of jewelry welcomed the young and talented designer and within a short period of time he became the talk of the town.

He is always aiming for the very best quality, innovative design and uniqueness. His passion is creating exceptional high jewelry masterpieces, whose purpose is to inspire beauty and confidence.-Anastazio

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