aaron nathan

I am passionate about building robots that people love to interact with.

I have a background in robotics, specifically in EE+CS and a focus around machine perception (aka computer vision). I founded one of the six teams to complete the DARPA Urban Challenge. I've developed an ultra tightly coupled GPS receiver which could operate in places where GPS signals were normally unavailable (in conjunction with Boeing Phantom Works and Rockwell Collins). I've founded and sold a startup that built a distributed storage system, developed software in the cloud for services that have over 40 million users using both in house resources and AWS, and developed firmware for a Made For iPhone device to operate drones.

I believe strongly in tightly coupled hardware and software. This means one can influence the design of the other, and that developers on both sides need to be acutely aware what the other side is doing and what they are struggling with. Usually the best solutions are found when you can make trades across the HW/SW boundary.