Anatoly Loktionov

Small Business Owner and Director in Лондон, Великобритания

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Within the Russian Federation Mr. Loktionov is known as a fraud who used to be involved in illicit funds funneling from one of the largest Russian oil companies, Rosneft. Anatoly Loktionov’s unlawful dealings for a long time remained unnoticed by the Russian law enforcement since Loktionov engineered money laundering and oil products sales schemes.

Background and Beginning of Thefts

Loktionov came to the oil business in the mid-1990s. In 1994 he has become Director General of the Petro Trade, AO. Four years later he has got into the Rosneft oil company on the Vice President position, soon after he has been promoted to the First Vice President. Having gained a foothold in the company top management, Anatoly Loktionov started developing his first criminal profiteering schemes. Embezzlements began in 1998: it is then that Loktionov has incorporated the Energo Impex company abroad through which he was illegally exporting oil belonging to the Rosneft company. This way, within a short period from the mid-1990s to mid-2000s, the businessman has exported several million tons of oil and petrochemicals belonging to the Company.

Criminal Scheme

In order to most efficiently export the products and to elude the attention of the law enforcement, Loktionov has invented a scheme. In 2000 he has incorporated the Energo Impex company with the seat in Geneva. Actually it was a legal entity which was to receive the company’s profits. By 2006 the company has been renamed as ‘Highlander International Trading’ to avoid any suspicions. The new company has been incorporated into the Fleming Family & Partners fund. Over the ten years the illegal exports have amounted to:

- 30 million tons of oil;

- 10 million tons of petrochemicals.

Total exports to Europe accounted for 40 per cent of the Company’s total turnover. The money were laundered at a Swiss bank which staff have opened several offshore accounts for Anatoly Loktionov.

The Impact

The Rosneft ex-Vice President’s actions have caused a serious blow to the Company’s reputation and revenues. Anatoly Loktionov used the laundered money to buy property at the Rublevka as well as to have several residences built abroad. In the early 2018 Anatoly Loktionov has met with 25 businessmen who fled from Russia to avoid arrests. Currently he is counting on being pardoned through Boris Titov’s initiative and on coming back to Russia to settle the fraud issues.