Anatoly Vanetik

Managing Director in California

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Anatoly “Tony” Vanetik is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Vanetik and Associates, which he founded in 1995. He has an academic background in mechanical engineering, having graduated from Kiev University with a M.S. degree, and his past professional career primarily placed him in the natural resources sector.

Tony Vanetik was a prominent figure in the mining, exploration, and purchases/sales of oil and gas between countries for many years. He grew up in the Soviet Union and after moving to the United States in the late 1970s, he conducted business between the West and Kazakhstan and other Soviet republics. With legal expertise in licensing and rights, he guided major agreements between countries regarding the search for, and use of, natural resources.

Tony has also proven his own managerial skills by founding and running numerous companies. He created an engineering firm, Componex Corp., which thrived until its eventual sale in 1998. He was also the co-founder of Poladyne Corp.

Anatoly Vanetik is well-known as an investor and supporter of many entrepreneurial endeavors. He now runs Vanetik and Associates, offering strategic consulting to many businesses.

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    • University of Kiel