Mariam Zayn




YO whats up :'v

first of all girls plz dont trust boys

I've been trusted in

Aly Amr , Mohamed Attef

and they are bitches xD

they broke me ._. :'v

but fuck them anyway :3


My name is there Bl

i'm too simple so

ابلع لسانك و انطم


Most of the guys are bitches

they made me be like

*hate my life*

I'm 15 ok?


And ...

i love you





I adore








Music + Football


My life :3


be in your own way

cuz you'r perfect ok ?

black , white

muslim , christian

fat , skiny

gay , lesbo

fuck people

keep smiling n be

on your awn way

  • Work
    • i dont work ! people work for me