Ana Tzarev

Vivid colors, impasto technique, and multicultural symbolic images characterize the paintings of artist Ana Tzarev. Along with oil-based painting, Ana Tzarev casts bronze and gilt bronze sculptures, works in watercolors, and produces limited-edition giclée prints that are true to the original works. The images are a marriage of Ana Tzarev’s personal history, her love of nature, and her unique view and understanding of cultures around the world. Nature, people, and cultural legends frequently appear as subjects in Ana Tzarev’s art, incorporating natural elements as symbols of the world in which we live. Such works often feature vibrant landscapes and brightly colored flowers from across the globe. This is especially evident in her solo exhibition at The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, in which Ana Tzarev painted enormous floral works to symbolize the peace movement associated with the Vietnam War era. Ana Tzarev uses the imagery in all of her artwork to tell stories about the places and cultures around the world to which she feels deeply connected. The movement, form, and colors in her art evoke her individual experiences in the places she has studied, and the paintings transport viewers into Ana Tzarev’s emotional reaction to her subject. Her Legends of Asia exhibition showing reflects Ana Tzarev’s profound respect for Asian cultural heritage, which comes from years of researching Asian traditions. Her sculptures also reveal an Asian influence, documenting traditional symbolism and historical traditions for future generations. You can see examples of Ana Tzarev’s art at