Anayya Von Kitten

The musical firefly known as Anayya Von Kitten is far from her roots in Washington, DC where she grew up. The middle of three children, she demonstrated star quality at a very early age as she was invited to play xylophone along side the cast of "Bailey." The rising star moved to Florida where she now lives and officially brokered into the entertainment industry from the business side. Anayya's passion for music prompted her to upstart the label, Reign Entertainment, Inc., with her partner D. Abellard in 2009. Anayya's musical background influenced an interest in an electronic, popular sound, "I wanted to have a unique sound that is contemporary and catchy." She quickly established her credentials as an electronic dance artist. "Coming Home Tonight" is Anayya's recording debut that is considered to be an influential track. She looks forward to hooking up with aggressive DJs Blackout, GQ and Nautylus Music.