Ana Zbona

I grew up in a tiny ex-communist-turned-capitalist paradise called Slovenia, with a large extended family (that in my mind includes neighbours and very close friends), enjoying sort of an enchanted childhood. I acted in semi-professional theatre from the age of 10, and joined a non-profit that aims to build global friendship by organizing international summer camps for children from the age of 11, which had injected worldliness and creativity into my every day life. My educational path after that was a reflection of the two: I continued working in theatre as well as moved to Canada where I did my BA in International Development Studies and Honours in Political Science (specialization in International Relations) at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, NS. During my time there, I was the president of the SMU IDS society, worked at the Patrick Power university library, was the Spanish program coordinator and promotor and a teaching assistant for Marc Doucet, PhD. I also did a one year exchange with Mexico, where I worked at a pro-bono law firm helping Mexican workers that were disenfranchized in Canada and the US. I, along with two friends, also started a development initiative of our own, called the Huehuetla project. I finished my studies in 2011 as a Valedictorian and with an induction into the President's Hall of Academic Excellency and with countless memories, friendships and experiences that make the first two seem irrelevant in comparison. After (at least temporarily) returning to my paradise of a home, I was a leader to a delegation of four kids that I took to an international camp in France for three weeks. After having moved to the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, I assumed a position on the executive board of the Institute IRIU - an institute for the research of innovative arts. My other activities include subtitle translation, translation, instructions in English and Spanish, acting, painting and poetry.