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Small Business Owner, creator, and healer in United States

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I am a small business owner, creator, and healer currently living in Florida. My interests range from healing to coaching. I am also interested in mind body fitness, meditat, and breathwork.

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I use a combination of degree, certification, life experiences and energy to help raise frequencies which help to dissolve old beliefs and patterns held within the Auric and Akashic fields of the human energy form, raising consciousness and evoke the personal spirit Purge, Realign, Transition, Transform, and Living truth. ~

I have studied human energy, DNA activation, energy frequencies and other alternative forms of the healing field since 2003. I have been creating intuitive art, journaling and free writing since I was 8.

My studies along with my personal experiences that I've gathered throughout my life and healing/self-developmental journey,, have been the catalyst in my desire to help others thrive thru and beyond the past., raising their human spirt into a new and vibrant form.

...*One thing most people don't know about me is pretty much everything.

Because who I truly am they have not met yet.

*The most interesting facts about me:

I've kept many gifts about me to myself most of my life.

I've shared very little, with very few.

At best they could only say I was different.

I don't follow the rules society has created to be acceptable because chances are those rules were created to keep humans contained in a acceptable form., many ideals being the very same that are ruining our world.

Being a child that had deffinte abilities in a household that was anything but metaphysical led me down a very rebellious path in a good way.

As a child I was told to not say certain things or express my truth, that they would put me away and when your a child you shut up fast especially in a dysfunctional home.

In 2002 I had two near death experiences from a home accident that changed me forever and I've never been able to stop healing since.

Most of what I know has nothing to do with what I have learned.

Be Amazing