Anca Boileau


“Fortune favors the bold. Bold with reason but bold”. I have built financial systems to embolden; to give you good reason to be bolder – and more creative, inventive and effective – in using price to your extreme advantage, to be as profitable as it is possible to be. Your prosperity begins with your price strategy. Decisions about and presentation of price affect many things in a business. These include positioning, the type of the customers you attract, the type of staff you hire and their attitude, your own pride but most importantly, profit. Profit, in turn, absolutely determine the strength or weakness, power or vulnerability your business possesses. Profit regulates power as a thermostat regulates room temperature. Profit determines how bold and aggressive, or timid and constrained you are in reaching out to acquire new customers or creating brand identity and awareness. Profit determines how well you can serve an satisfy your customers – which affects retention, repeat business frequency and referrals; how well you incentivize and compensate staff in order to attract and keep the best and make managerial demands. Profit is power and is the result of price strategy. From this, prosperity or poverty, pride or disappointment, security or endless anxiety. Prosperity for the business owner is created by the amount of money he can withdraw from the business day by day, without leaving it too thin capitalized to meet his lifestyle needs, live free of debt and accumulate good assets and investments. Profit governs all of the above. In a closed loop, power enables profit and it all emanates from one source and one source only: price. You choose your prosperity by the choices you make about price.

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