Rosalind Franklin

I was borned in in London, England on 25th July 1920, And i died in London, England on the 16th april 1958 at the age of 37 because i had ovarian cancer. I attended St Paul’s Girls’ School, London, where I displayed great talent in physics and chemistry. From there I went up to Newnham College, Cambridge in 1938. After graduation in 1941, I was awarded a research scholarship to work on gas chromatography, but i left in 1942 to work at the British Coal Utilization Research Association, where i worked on the microstructure of coke. I had the titles of Doctor of Philosophy, Scientist, Chemestry, and phicisian. I discovered A and B forms of DNA. I also did important research into the micro-structure and properties of coals and other carbons, and spent the last five years of my career elucidating the structure of plant viruses, notably tobacco mosaic virus.


If i were not dying at such a young age, she would have received a nobel prize