Anchalee Pagsanjan

Digital Marketing Intern and Go-getter in New York

Anchalee Pagsanjan

Digital Marketing Intern and Go-getter in New York

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A - Ambitious. "Accepting Juniors and Seniors Only" never scared me away from applying. Titles don't set my limitations. I do.

N - Novel. I want to bring change in this world through novelty and innovation. Plus, have you ever heard of the name Anchalee?

C - Charismatic. My old boss told me companies hire not just for skill and ability, but for character too. I guess that's why they hired me.

H - Hilarious. Why did the bicycle fall over? Because it was TWO TIRED.

A - Adamant. Being stubborn is not always a bad thing. I get things done and I'm not easily persuaded. And I have a lot of letters in my name so making this acronym should show how determined and consistent I am.

L - Leader. I was never born to be a follower. I've gained strength and confidence as a leader because of all my experiences.

E - Early Bird. I may not wake up the earliest in the morning but . . . I love trailblazing innovate ideas that will impact people positively. Why wait for things to happen when you can make it happen now?

E - Eager. I love exploring and learning. My background might not be in tech but I would definitely take the opportunity to learn how to code, design, or engineer something. I want to help people, start-ups, or established companies in anyway way I can. I love seeing others succeed. I want to be part of everything. I want to be part of something bigger.

  • Work
    • iTalent Corporation
  • Education
    • Rutgers University–New Brunswick