Dulls Andrean


Date of Birth: March 11, Bogor, West Java, INA / Awesomeville

Birth Name: Andrean Cahya Mardhika / Dulls Andrean

Mini Bio: Son, brother, friend, student, gamer, editor. I am an Indonesian newbie photographer, editor, web developer, basketball player and gamer. I was a student at a university in Indonesia.

I admire Indonesian female singer, Agnes Monica. I learned a lot from her. She taught me to dream and make it real. Because without a dream my life may not have direction and purpose. I believe in my dreams, because I have a God who cares.

I also love collecting quotes. Because these quotations can provide motivation, humor, and others. These are some quotes that I liked..

"You don't really need someone to complete you... You only need someone to accept you completely!"

"If 'Plan A' didn't work. The alphabet has 25 more letters. So stay cool ;)"

"Dreams, believe, and make it happen!"

"If you fall, I'll be there." -Floor

"Bullying is never right. Think carefully before you insult somebody for who they really are, at least they're open about it."

Short about me... I'm a Boy. I'm only ONE, but I'm ONE. I can't do everything, but I can do something.