Narasimha Chari

I'm an entrepreneur and technologist based in the Bay Area. I was a co-Founder and CTO of Tropos Networks (now part of ABB), which specialized in wide-area wireless communications. I have done research and published in a variety of areas including wireless networking, quantum computing, string theory, nuclear physics and nuclear detection.

I received a BS in Mathematics and Economics from the California Institute of Technology and an AM in Physics from Harvard University. I have 20+ issued patents, with an additional 20+ patents pending. I'm fairly fluent in English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and French and am trying to add Spanish to that list.


Wireless communications, mesh networks, IP networking, routing, systems engineering, high-reliability systems, information security, smart grid, nuclear detection, quantum computing, foreign policy, entrepreneurship and startups, product strategy, patents and intellectual property, science fiction (primarily hard SF and space opera).