Princess Hayley.

Hey, whaddup?

I'm Hayley. I'm a freshman in highschool, & i'm fourteen. talk to me, i'm very friendly. c:

From; Delaware. \m/

DOB; 12.16.1997.

Astrology sigh; Sagittarius.

sexual orientation; pansexual.

I usually spend the days/nights online, listening to music, or being with friends. I'm a huge fan of mayday parade & sleeping with sirens. I really fucking love animals, especially cats. I have a cat & dog, they're my best friends. I'm a natural blonde, I stick to red hair, though. I live with my grandma & my sister. I like boobs. you will often hear me talk about hot girls, boobs, music, tumblr, & cats. I've gone through shit in life, well I mean, everyone has, but I try to make the best out of everything. I'm honestly a really sweet girl, like, the total opposite of a cunt, but if you piss me off, I will let you know. I believe in karma, & trust me, it is a bitch, lol. Not many people like to talk to me, because honestly, I am really socially awkward, & random, & loud. But I think I'm fun. I love the holidays, old* disney movies, horror movies, porn, mean girls, sleeping, food, drinking, being with friends, hoodies, food, food, food, food, drinking & food. I think body modifications are hot, lol. I don't know what else to type here, I think i'll finish this later. like I said, talk to me. c:

ok bye.