Sauron "The Blackgate" Satanic Rituals

Filmmaker in Richardson Texas Telecom Corridor

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Modern Hyperspatial Physics: Solder Genetic Bandari

"Death itself is psychic symbiosis the divine companion. A real and portentous force."Change the way we perceive and change the memory process. Goal. Our very first "memories" are hand-me-downs from other people.Recall being in the mother's womb, the traumatic drama of actually being born and the horror of arrivng at the "wrong address" and all subsequent events. These inherited, brief memories are a little sorcerer's light and language. As a magician what king of child is in the eyes of our familial others? sense of humor? ...A total lack of understanding of Magick? Witchcraft through the ages, for example, based upon, and within purity of intent has the method of science and the aim of religion. The other method an exercise in controlling matter and knowing space, a form of psychic hygiene.

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