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Hi, I’m ancient. I’m a small business owner living in Bourne End, United Kingdom. I am a fan of yoga, buddhism, and spiritual. I’m also interested in religion and symbols. You can visit my store with a click on the button above.

Shop by spiritual symbol and learn the meanings and history behind them. From Buddhist and Hindu symbols, Wiccan and Pagan Symbols, Ancient Egyptian and Greek Symbols right through to Reiki, christian and turkish evil eye symbols.

Learn the stories and myths behind each symbol so you can wear or use them with confidence.

Learn about the rod of asclepius, alpha and omega, labyrinth, gorgons, hercules knot, hecate's wheel, the bowl of hygeia, solomons knot. Also learn about all the zodiac symbols. Wiccan and pagan symbols such as: the triple moon goddess, eye of ra, eye of horus, pentagram, the horned god, triquetra, hexagram, celtic shield knot, thor's hammer, Om, Tree of life, ouroborus, ganesha, trishula, sri yantra, ichthys, and chi rho