Anselm Martyres

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Full Name: Anselmo Agnel Francis Martyres. “Anselmo” means: "Divine Helmet of God" (Go ahead…Laugh!). Prefers to be called: Anselm (pronounced as An-slim; and don’t tell me how it’s *supposed* to be pronounced). Also known as: Ansy, Ants, Antsy, Antzy, Ancito, Antico, Antz-in-the-Pantz, Slimmy Jimmy, Elmo, Queen, and Sarcy Bitch. Will not respond to: Whistling, catcalls, “Uncle John,” and “Hey baldy”

  • Work
    • Cactus Communications
  • Education
    • St. John The Evangelist High School, Bombay
    • N.M. College, Bombay