About Me And Jesus

About Me And Jesus

I was born in the church, saved at 7, and then strayed at 15. Read about the Prodigal Son- that was me. My story is one of drugs, alcohol, depression, anxiety, fear, and many others - maybe yours is too? If so, I know someone who can help. His name is Jesus. He pulled me out of the pit I was in and showed me that He loved me regardless of what I had or ever would do. No matter how many times I've turned my back on him- knowingly doing what I knew would break His heart- He was right there with open arms...just waiting. So I now accept His amazing grace, and through faith believe that He died for me over 2000 years ago just because He wanted to have a relationship with me.

I know it sounds crazy, but He wants that same relationship with you too. Just talk to Him- call out to Him- and I promise He will answer you. Invite Him into your life and you will begin to see yourself changed: walking, talking, thinking differently. You will find a new joy- a happiness that is not circumstantial, but rooted in the love of a heavenly father.

If any of this speaks to you, read THE GOOD NEWS, and look at the information below or shoot me an email. I'd love to talk with you about it.

Be good,