Anna Kovářová

My name is Anna Kovářová. I am 16 years old. I live in a small village Křídla near Nové Město na Moravě with my family. I have got a brother Jan and a sister Pavlína. We don´t keep any pets.

In my free time I play badminton and sometimes I play volleyball. Twice a week I go to walk with my best friend. I love to read books too.

I visit my school in Nové Město na Moravě. Gymnázium Vincence Makovského with sports classes is developing more than one hundred years of secondary education in Nové Město na Moravě and in the Vysočina. The aim is good preparation for university studies on various topics.

When I do a graduation, I want to go to medical school to Olomouc or Prague.

In Nové Město na Moravě is famous Biathlon and Cross Country. There is Ski areal, where you go to Harusův kopec. In Harusův kopec is ski school.