Anda Burcea Maria

Apiary Cosmetology, Phytotherapy, and Technical Director

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I have spent my entire professional life working with computers or being closed in an archive. I decided to change that and to dedicate myself to people, helping them feel better in their skin, listening to them, supporting them through some challenging times.

I believe in the concept of beauty as therapy. Going for a beauty treatment doesn’t have to be disruptive or artificial,: it should offer a sensorial experience, comfort, a safe place, help and support in order to achieve the desired goal or to surpass a challenging period.

I myself had to go through severe acne problems until my mid-twenties and I wish I could have found moral support and guidance from a specialist during that time.

Having studied “Biotechnology of the Environment” and “Management of the Environment” as a first and complementary Master's helped me to understand better how our body works and how we are connected with nature.

In respect to this human – nature bond I have chosen Apiary Cosmetology. I learned how to use the bee’s gift and to practice cosmetology in the already- famous Romanian way.

Apitherapy and Phytotherapy offer natural solutions for your skin problems and are compatible with an eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable vision.

It is not for nothing that honey was considered the food of goods, symbol of wealth and wellbeing, an elixir of immortality.

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