Andy Lau

product manager, Writer, and Project Manager in San Francisco, California

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Hello! Glad to have you here on my page. I hope you think my sister's doggie, Dakota is cute. I call her Kota. She's like her child, so by transitive property, I treat her like my child.

But anyway, you're here because you're mildly interested in my profile. I'm just a regular dude in SF Bay Area working in the tech and software industry. Sounds pretty boring I know. I swear I'm not a hipster.

Basketball is my sport, which I enjoy developing with my friends and teammates. Another hobby would be fixing, driving, racing cars. Right now in my life, I just want to do what makes me happy. I spent enough god forsaken years to stress about my professional life. For some people, they dream bigger than I do currently. I was that person. And I was unhappy.

I don't know where my life will take me, but being a pretty atheist person, I believe faith is still required to live a life where you define its meaning. I'm not talking about faith in religion, but a belief in life. I'm on my journey to discover that, and I know full well it may never be fulfilled. But what is life in its infinite lessons if everything went your way?

Anyways, props to you if you went through that little blurb about what I'm thinking about at 2am right now. Read my blog, look at my stuff, let's chat.