Washington State, Usa

I am a coffee loving California girl that moved to the state of Washington about 5 years ago with my family for “greener pastures” so to say.
It was a very tough & stressful move (to say the least). The best thing (that made it totally worth it) was I was able to stop working and stay home full time with my daughter (lets just call her “Little Diva” on the blog). Making the decision to become a one income family in a two income society was hard but a sacrifice we were willing to make for our daughter.

We struggled…a lot…but that’s when I had to start learning how to coupon, cut costs for our family and make just about every single meal at home. Over the past few years I’ve learned a few new recipes, ways to save and couponing tips and that’s a part of what I hope to share with you on this blog.
I have grown to enjoy trying out new recipes and mixing up some old ones. I love to cook and bake all kinds of different things. Everything that I post is husband and kid approved. ☺