Andee Joyce

Portland, OR

Andee was born in Brooklyn, New York, so many years ago she has now lost count, but has heard vicious rumors that it was in 1963. Moving to Portland in 2005 changed everything for her: there, she met her life partner, got diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, and within short order, went from knowing nothing about autism (at least in theory, although she'd been living it all her life) to being paid to write, speak, and present about it.

She is now the chair of the Adult Subcommittee of the Oregon State Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorder, a member of the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities and chair of its Self-Advocacy and Family Subcommittee, and is scheduled to graduate from Oregon Partners in Policymaking in June 2014.

Andee is also the former Portland chapter lead for Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, and the founder of the Portland-area autistic adult social group Dorks on Parade, a bunch of goofballs involved in the very serious business of laughing ourselves sick over our accumulated lifetimes of social faux pas. (Seriously, though, it's a lifeline, knowing that you are not the only one.) She is writing a young adult novel about autism and baseball, because the world can't have too many of those.

Also, she is obsessed with the Mets. Still. Probably it's genetic.

  • Education
    • New York University, BFA in shoelace, dramatic writing.