eithan trebel

In winter, the body's metabolism will rapidly slow down, leading to the lipolysis slowing down. so reducing at this time will get the half result with twice the effort. What's worse, it is difficult to adhere to. Once you have a break, the weight you have reduced will be back soon. In addition, people's appetite is better in winter and more will be eaten unconsciously, but as more clothes are dressed, even ten kilos were gained, it will not be obvious to find. Besides, people usually are too lazy to move during cold winter, the sympathetic will become dull and the energy consumption will decline, then the excess energy within the body will turn into fat to be stockpiled, thus causing obesity which difficult to lose

Though liposuction can make you be thin very quickly, it may bring great harm to the muscle and skin. What's worse, a healthy diet and daily exercise are still necessary after liposuction, and the complication mortality rate is 1% after liposuction, so it ask care to reduce weight by this way

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