Anders Overstrom

Worcester, Massachusetts

I went back to school to learn more about public relations, advertising, and marketing in hopes of expanding on my undergraduate education and to find my true passion. I've lived in Massachusetts my entire life, from pre-school to grad school, and hope to travel when I'm finished this spring. My eventual goal would be to get into either marketing, writing, or PR for a sports organization.

Goals: Finish Graduate School, travel or move to a new location for at least a year, find a job that I love, meet new people from different backgrounds, try new things, and eventually settle down with a family one day.

Values: Honesty, Truth, Loyalty, Family

Strengths: Writing, Listening, Work Ethic, Motivation

  • Work
    • Suffolk University
  • Education
    • Grafton Memorial Senior High
    • University of Massachusetts Amherst
    • Suffolk University