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Top Three Ethnic Groups in Anderson, IN 46013

Anderson is a beautiful and cultural city in the US state of Indiana. It is known for its strong industrial nature as it houses commercial sites and industries. Anderson was named for Chief William Adam Anderson, whose mother was a Delaware Indian and father of Swedish descent. The city was called Andersonton before formally called Anderson. It experienced a tremendous growth in population and economy in the mid to late 19th century upon the discovery of natural gas. Today, Anderson is home to over 55 thousand people and this population comprises of individuals of different ethnic groups. Below are the top three ethnic groups in Anderson:

White: this is the largest ethnic and racial group in the city as they make up 78.8% of the total population of Anderson.

African American: this ethnic group makes up about 15.2% of the city’s population and they are found in different neighborhoods in the city as well as different economic sectors.

Asian: this ethnic group is one of the smallest yet diverse ethnic groups in the city as they make up of individuals from different parts of the continent of Asia. They make up 0.5% of the city’s population.

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