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The best small size generator for your home with low fuel cost. It has some additional features such as Fuel Efficient, Lightweight and tough, Quiet Operation and Compact. An industry-fast fuel circulating pump also included with it. It can provide you up to 800 watts power to your home for running all electric products. more information :

Fuel Pump:It uses a circulating fuel pump that can supply the fuel constantly through the fuel system line. It won’t create any bubbles to jam the line. It can control this system even in extreme hot temperatures.

Fuel Efficient:This generator is very cost effective than another generator. It can provide you 14 hours plus electric support for per gallon fuel. You need not wake up to refill this generator in midnight; it can serve you a whole night. Automatic features can adjust fuel consumption and control electric load automatically.

Lightweight and tough:This Best portable generator reviews has only 21 pounds weight that is 25% low than other generators. This is enough small to move this to another place to serve power.

Quiet Operation:A noiseless support will be provided by this generator; only 58 dB noise will be created during operation. This model is designed to be silence with noise-cancelling air intake, a cast iron exhaust header, multi-chambered muffler and vibration-dampening feet. This generator will be your perfect companion for neighbors are in close proximity or walls are thin.

Compact: You can use this generator during transport. You can charge your boat or motor batteries at any time by this generator. reference at :

Product descriptions:This model has 40cc 4-Cycle OHV Viper Engine that is very much cost effective.

1. Very light weight, it has only 21 pounds

2. Very small size 15.6 x 8.2 x 14 inches; with only 21 pounds

3. Origin: China

4. One 12-volt DC outlet and one 120-volt AC outlet

5. Portability – light generator that is easy to move anywhere with you.

6. Powering sensitive- It can provide you a stable power to charge your electronic tablet, cell phone, or laptop without being any damaged.

7. Fuel efficiency – Click here to know