Phil Anderson

Computer Tech in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Phil Anderson

Computer Tech in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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I've always been a technically oriented guy. Radio and computers have been life long passions for me.

I grew up in a small prairie town in the 1970's. There were no FM radio stations nearby, but I could hear AM radio stations from across the Mid-West United States. Late at night, under the covers, I would be tuning my transistor radio up and down the dial. Not going to sleep annoyed my Dad, but fortunately he recognized my interest and encouraged me by giving me a shortwave radio with even more bands to scan.

My passion for radio took me into a decade long career in radio broadcasting. Starting out as a board op, I progressed through various roles including Technical Producer and On-Air Personality. My years in radio were fun and rewarding, but technological change would move me towards my other passion.

I discovered computers in the early 1980's. Starting with the TRS-80 and Commodore 64, I fell in love with the "home computer". I became a Civilization fanatic, but also learned these machines could do much more than play games. My broadcast career slowly became computerized, and I knew my old love of these machines was back.

In 1997 I went back to school to formally learn about computers and computer networks. I earned my first IT Certification (the Novell Certified Administrator), landed my first job, and haven't stopped learning throughout a 20 year technology career.

Today... I think of myself simply as a Technical Professional.

In my day job I am an Enterprise IT Support Analyst providing desk-side support, technical operations support, and technical communications services.

Outside the office I am still a radio geek. I am an amateur radio operator and an HF/VHF/UHF monitor.

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