Taylar Anderson

Taylar Anderson

This isn't a place to meddle in the past, but to thank Jesus for today and praise Him for the future. I am 22 and live in Southeast Wisconsin, where I enjoy a beautiful city with beautiful people. Adventure should be tattooed on my forehead, because I'm all about it. From paddle boarding, jumping in Lake Michigan, hiking Holy Hill, or coffee shop hopping, you can usually find a smile on my face.

Last September the Lord opened a door to one of the greatest adventures of my life. An awakening occurred deep in my soul and I knew that I had to go. Go to Ukraine, that is. I am eagerly working to get on the field and minister to those who don't know what it's like to have the light of Jesus. This is why my heart beats, to plant hope and be love to people wether I am stateside or on foreign soil.

It's all about Jesus, and zero about me.

So, dear friend, take my hand and let's adventure.

  • Work
    • Nanny and Assembly of God Missionary Associate
  • Education
    • iMPACT School of Leadership