Anders Steneld

Life is to short to just let pass by. I have always wanted "something to happen" with sometimes a small chaos a a result.. Proud father of three wonderful girls that I am sure will grow up to great and most of all sincere persons.

Since childhood addicted to horses. They are the oxygen in my life and have had an influence in most of my choices over the years. 14 years ago - 1998 - I quit my secure and "nice" normal job as sales rep for a medical c.o to try my wings for real. Couldnt stand the tristess, politics and closed doors anymore. Started my own horsebusiness WITHOUT ONE penny in my pocket.

I really had to work my a** of and build credibility based on knowledge and passion for my horses and the best for my clients.

And I made it.

Years of success passed by and finally after national financial crises and some really bad choices from me, I hit the bottom - HARD! Lost everything I built up through extremely hard work in just one year.

Today I´m on the way up again step by step. Everyday is still a struggle but I also enjoy everyday I CAN wake up and feel I´m alive and still in the game.

I write this to encourage anybody reading this and feel that life is hard against you. Yes it is - maybe. BUT the show must go on and it ain´t over until it´s over!

Feel gratitude to be alive, roll up the sleeves, have faith, get back in the field where the action is, have faith again and JUST DO IT!