Andi Berkman

I am a zero degree Libra, born on the cusp; I have an Aries moon and Sagittarius rising sign. I believe that is why I’m a Democrat. I enjoy my hobby as an astrologer and numerologist. I enjoy movies, books, writing and spiritual studies. I use my free time to indulge in Reiki healing and other healing modalities. I did study ministry, Divine Science and Healing, but tripped over dogma and became a prayer practitioner instead. I've always been a closet writer. Now I have time to move out of the closet. I belong to a writers group. Because I've done years of interviewing, I'm a natural at listening. I've lived in Albuquerque and San Diego and my goal is to someday return to New Mexico. The Jemez Mountains are calling me. I used to rock hound for gemstones in New Mexico but the pickings are slim in Wisconsin. I love to laugh. Happiness is very healing. My music choices are eclectic, mostly blues and meditation if I had to pick the top two. I am centered and intelligent which means I do not get bored very often.