Andi Brierley

Writer, Public Speaker, and Life Coach in Leeds, UK

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In May 2005, I was released from HMP Lindholme with nothing but a HMP bag full of toiletries & £46. I had experienced 4 prison sentences, drug addiction, time in care and school exclusion. However;

I'm now a Youth Justice Specialist & published author. I graduated in Youth Justice in 2013, only 8 years after release.

I've played an instrumental part in helping Children Looked After in Leeds avoid contact with the Youth Justice System by delivering training & inspiring young people with experience of both Care and Criminal Justice.

I'm an Inspirational and Keynote Speaker. Speaking at key events such as the Youth Justice Convention 2018, National Association of Directors of Children's Services Conference 2019 and the National Ofsted Conference 2019 with a focus on ACEs & Toxic Stress, Child Criminal Exploitation and the impact of Youth Custody.

I offer my own exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) as a real life example of how such experiences can lead to Toxic Stress and link to addiction & how this left me vulnerable to Child Criminal Exploitation, combined with expert knowledge of 12 years working within Youth Justice.

I demonstrate how I used resilience, drive and determination to brush myself down & bounce back from the way society responded to my dysfunction and vulnerability which was to incarcerate me for my poor choices.

Regardless of our life circumstances, as adults we can shape our environments and achieve our life goals. However we must never forget that 'children' don't create their environments, so they shouldn't be entirely accountable for how they respond to it.

I'm the author of 'Your Honour Can I Tell You My Story?' published by Waterside Press 2019.

I'm a qualified FA Football coach and have volunteered for Hunslet Club in Leeds since 2009.

Most of all I'm a family man with a wonderful wife and daughter.

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