Andi Dinanti

Student, Dancer, and Photographer in Jakarta

I am fond of the name Alexis. Living in the capital city of Indonesia. A soon to be High School graduate.

When I was a child I wanted to be a doctor or an architect but that changes.

Currently 17 years old. Any form of arts interest me. I am a self taught artist and still learning.

Have been involved in dancing since I was 6 years old but stopped, then I started again in 2010 and hasn't stopped since. Currently learning Hip Hop. Haave always wanted to learn Contemporary and Jazz. Secretly wanted to be a B-Girl. Trying to improve my Popping.

I like to write whatever comes to my mind. I always have a soft spot for photography. I have a guitar and a piano that I don't oftenly play. Books, mostly comics and novels, is where I go when I want to escape. I sing in the showers, I sing when I feel like it, sometimes at random times. Writing is the place where I can be someone else and wrote situations that will most likely never happen.

Self claimed traditional artis. I've been interested in drawing since I'm in Elementary. I either draw very late at night or in inappropriate times like when the teacher is explaining the subjects.

It's bad. I know.

I am ambitious yet lazy. I can be interested in new things and then get bored of it easily. I've always been told that I'm introvert and I'm not denying it.

I mostly spend my time in the studio, school and home. Doing a lot of unnecessary stuff.

I'm actually a very dorky person.

Trying to fill my life with exciting and unforgettable events.

Why stay inside when you can dance in the rain? :)

thanks for visiting!