Andie Fontanetta

I wish I was home in New Jersey

Most college students have the luxury of creating their class schedule to their liking, whether that be having all their classes done by noon, or not even waking up until noon. However, some people do not have the luxury to choose. As a college athlete, my schedule is created for me to fit around a rigorous workout routine, as well as various practice times. This means that I cannot have 8 a.m. class because I have to wake up at 7 a.m. for morning workouts. I also cannot have class after two because I have practice. On top of all that, by being a UGA athlete you have commitments that cannot be avoided which take up pretty much the remainder of your day. In other words, social lives we have not... Okay, if you have seen most UGA athletes you'll know that that is not always the case. We do have lives, and we do know how to have fun. However, we also know how to work. When it comes down to it, our sports here at Georgia, along with our academics, are a job, one that we can be fired from if we do not perform. This being said, I guarantee there are very few, if any, athletes who would take back coming to work for Goergia. We love what we do, and because we love it it does not seem like a job. That begs to question-- is there something you love to do that would make you roll out of bed 7 a.m. daily with a smile on your face? If not, I suggest you search for it: when you find your passion, nothing in the world can hold you back.

Sacrifice in the name of Passion---in the end it is all worth it.