Andi Rabino

I'm not looking down but I see no one above me~

God Fearing

Born and raised in Quezon City, known as the most populous city in the Philippines. Named after her late grandPops - Atty. Andres Rabino (THE ONLY PRICELESS THING SHE CAN BE PROUD OF.) At age 10, she discovered her skills in drawing and painting and it brought her passion for art. She spends her free time by drawing, sketching and lettering. She also has a passion for dancing but it takes her tons of courage to showcase her moves in the crowd. Since Grade School, she really wanted to go to the Fine Arts School but for some reasons more specifically financial issues, she set aside her dream and at age 16, she decided to pursue a teaching career, she took up a Bachelor's Degree in English considering her love for "arts" and literature. She's been a tutor for grade school students in their area and doing part-time job as an online tutor to Koreans and other Asian people. At a very young age 19, she gave birth to a healthy and very beautiful baby girl named Francine Andrei. And as a teenage mom, after giving birth she decided to work, practically to earn money for her to be able to support her daughter's need and to win her self-confidence and independence. Her other interests include cooking, acting and writing about life, education, and theater.

Andi tends to learn the hard way with errthing but she's gonna keep her head up and take life as it comes. She even tend to believe that there's always a rainbow after the rain either literally or figuratively.(LOL)

She has a strong, restless and yearning for something greater than anything she has yet experienced and often live in her dreams and visions for future. - "Idealistic?" and optimistic sometimes, she always expect something better ahead. Like everyone else... she has got a polite, humane, accommodating manner to her friends and to those in need.

- Easily gets mad that often causes her so much regrets.
- Appreciates every little thing that gives a smile on her lips.
- HATES people who were nothing but a BIGMOUTH.
- FURIOUS in a way her friends were treatend unlikely.
- A Not-so-brave but a kind of person who's willing to give and do errthing for the people she love.
- Firmly believes that one shouldn't be too hard on oneself when the object of one's affection returns t