My name is Andrea, but I actually prefer to be called Andie, kind of like Andie Macdowell. I am completely obsessed with Harry Potter, I am currently in the 7th grade, and I love reading. I also enjoy shopping, my family, swimming, and my friends. I have 3 older brothers, 1 mom, 1 dad, 2 grandma's, 1 grandpa, a lot of cousins, and a lot more. I have several pets: A couple dogs, 2 geco's, my brother own's several snakes, and another lizard. My favorite color is blue, my favorite animal is the rabbit, my chinese horoscope is a tiger, and my Zodiac sign is a virgo, and my favorite song is "What make's you beautiful," by One Direction. I have auburn hair, freckles, brown eyes, I'm 5' 3", and my shoe size is women's 7 and sometimes 8. I enjoy theater, acting, singing, the internet, concealer, colored pencils, hanging out with my friends, anything that involves Harry Potter, and hugs. I dislike going to school, waking up for schoool, rude people, doing homework, and I am not a huge fan of Justin bieber.